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Hobospy: The Diceless RPG
[$5.00 US: Click head to purchase]

When a psychotic vagrant invades your story, there's only one thing you can do: survive.

You don't know who he is. You don't know where he's from, or what happened to the poor bastard he's impersonating. And you certainly don't know what he wants...but the way your luck's going, you're probably going to find out.

Keep your wits about you. Don't trust anyone. Stay in-character. Do whatever it takes to stay alive.

No dice required.
Dark Comedy, Psychological Horror
For players ages 13+.
DSAR*: Moderate

Mary Sue: Kawaii Warlords

There's a world where every story is real. Unfortunately, yours is terrible.

Once upon a time, you were the most awesome person anyone had ever heard of. You were so smart, cool, and kickass that the only reason anybody dislike you was rampant jealousy. At least, that's the way it seemed back then. 

A few years ago, a hundred fictional universes crashed into one small, overcrowded planet. You found out that not only were you a work of fiction, you weren't even a well written one, and that despite your supposed godlike powers there are thousands of people just like you running around out there, each convinced that they're better than everyone else. The most levelheaded ones tend to be grouchy and bitter about it. The rest are psychotic warlords who'll do anything to be on top again.


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  1. The paypal account is not working, and I cannot purchase this wonderful game. :(